Ghent and Bruges Tours
We were truly blessed to have Anna as our tour guide in Bruges and Ghent. She has a magical way of taking you into, through and beyond the history of these ancient cities. As she placed the wool in my hands, she explained how it was used to create the cloth which was stored inside of the Textile Houses and later transported via waterways to other countries, making this area the richest in the world. She used visual aids to show us the original appearance of statues and buildings. We sampled raw coco while learning about chocolate making, held a 24 carat diamond while learning about the diamond industry and much more. Anna is engaging and made each fun day exceed our expectations by far. She was also sensitive to my walking pace making certain that we were comfortable before she explained about a monument, painting, artifact or event. Another surprise was our Ghent noose wearers souvenir and the informative email with links to learn more about her lovely country, the art, lace making etc. Our unforgettable Netherlands trip was over the top because of Anna! Quite possible the best guide in the world!
(the review was published on Tripadvisor)