What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple file containing personal data that is sent with the pages of this website and stored by your browser on your device’s hard drive. This data can be sent back to our own or third-party servers the next time you visit our website.
Cookies also include so-called scripts. A script is a programming code used to ensure that our website functions properly.
Besides, cookies include web beacons, pixel tags, and social media cookies. They are used for the integration of social networking sites with this website, for example, for sharing the content of this website via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. by use of social media buttons.
Since cookies contain personal data, their processing is regulated by our Privacy Policy.

Types of cookies

This website may use all of the following types of cookies.
2.1. Origin
First party cookies are cookies that are set by this website directly.
Third-party cookies are cookies set by third parties because this website incorporates elements of their websites.
2.2. Expiration
Session cookies are set each time you open your browser and are deleted when you close the browsing session.
Persistent cookies remain on your device after the browsing session is over. They are activated each time you visit this website until they expire.
2.3. Purpose
Functional cookies ensure that this website functions properly. They are used, for example, for load balancing. These cookies can be placed without permission.
Non-functional cookies are used for statistical, social and commercial purposes. They are not required for the technical support of this website. Your explicit permission is required to set these cookies.
Analytical cookies show how you use this website. Based on this information a statistical analysis is made to improve the structure, navigation, and content of this website.
Marketing cookies are used to personalize online advertising offers. Based on your profile, both this website and third parties gain insight into the performance of advertising campaigns.
Non-functional cookies also include social media cookies used for the integration of social network buttons (such as ‘like’ and ‘share’) on this website. These buttons function based on a programming code of the respective social network websites. Our website has no influence on how the social network sites process your data they collect from our website. To obtain more information about their use of your data, please, read their privacy policy statements.


When you visit this website for the first time, we ask you if you agree to our use of cookies. You can grant us your permission by clicking on “Allow cookies”. If you later decide to revoke this permission, you can delete cookies in your browser. This can be done automatically or manually. You can find more information on deleting cookies or changing your cookie preferences in the Help section of your browser. If you visit this website again after deleting cookies in your browser, you can again choose to grant us your permission to place cookies on your device by clicking on “Allow cookies”.


If you have any questions and/or remarks regarding this Сookie Policy, please contact us via email: info@guide-for-ghent.com

Last updated: January 1st, 2020