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Quarantine in Ghent and Time in History

Some news and a short journey into the history of time measurement in Europe: how medieval cooks knew for how long to let their stews simmer, and why there could be a months’ difference between New Year in two neighboring cities

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Love Stories from Flanders

Two true historic Flemish stories about love featuring a clever woman, a not-so-clever woman, and, of course, men! Adultery and murder, kidnapping and lawsuits, a sad finale and a happy end!

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Larmuseau Snowballs

On Larmuseau Snowballs or Sneewballen – one of the most authentic delicacies in Ghent, without which winter in Ghent is unthinkable. The history of their creation and my love story with them. And the information on when and where you can buy them, too

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