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How to Buy a Van Eyck?

How to buy a van Eyck without winning the lottery: visit a unique shop in the centre of Ghent in 2020. The van Eyck shop features creations of local artisans who found inspiration in the works of the city’s most famous painter. Read what treasures and surprises I found in the shop

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The Exhibition of Jan van Eyck in Ghent

The long-awaited magnificent exhibition of Jan van Eyck in MSK (the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent) is finally open. After a visit to the MSK on the very first day, I share my first impressions and some practical information you might need if you plan to visit the exhibition

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Low Emission Zone in Ghent

The Low Emission Zone was introduced in Ghent on January 1, 2020. Read what the implications are, and where you can request a permit to enter the city if your car isn’t registered in Belgium.

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