Low Emission Zone in Ghent

Ghent Guide Anna — Low Emission Zone in Ghent
Ghent Guide Anna — Low Emission Zone in Ghent

Attention, friends! If you are coming to Ghent by car, especially one which was registered outside Belgium, this information is valuable (valuable quite literally, as not knowing it might cost you 150 euros). From January 1st, Ghent has become a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Diesel vehicles with Euro standard 3 or lower and petrol vehicles with Euro 1 or lower may no longer enter the city. Several other categories of vehicles (e.g. old-timers and diesel vehicles with Euro 4) may enter the city only if their owners have purchased an entrance permit.

If your vehicle was registered outside Belgium, you must also request a permit within 24 hours after entering the LEZ at the latest (or better yet in advance). Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine of 150 euros.

The border of the LEZ runs along the city ring and is marked with 200 special road signs. Here is the link to the official website of the city of Ghent where you can find all the information and request a permit to enter the LEZ: https://stad.gent/en/mobility-ghent/low-emission-zone-ghent-2020

And the photo of an angel? A gas mask on his face, a trumpet in his hand, the other hand pointing at the passers-by: “What have you done for the environment?” The statue is long removed (I took this picture more than 5 years ago), but the message is none the less important!