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My love story with Flanders began way back in 1999 when I came to study in Ghent. Almost twenty years later, I’m still in love with the Flemish cities where I work as a professional tour guide. My goal is for you to feel the same love and excitement for Flanders that I do!

There is much to discover in Flanders: rich history and stunning architecture; culinary craftsmanship and authentic traditions; sparkling festivals; and, most importantly, the people who live here and the atmosphere they create. As a local, I can show you all this and more, and as someone born abroad, I stay mindful of everything that Flanders has to offer, from the quintessential to the remarkable, together giving you a truly memorable experience.

If you wish not only to see the most important tourist attractions that Ghent and Bruges have to offer but also to enjoy their unique atmosphere to the fullest, then my guided tours are just the thing for you. I fine-tune my stories depending on your knowledge, interests, and preferences, all while making you feel right at home.

Leave all the work to me and enjoy!



Ghent Highlights Guided Tour
Ghent Altarpiece Guided Tour
Ghent Illuminated Guided Tour

Known as "Belgium's best kept secret" Ghent is not a city noted for showing off its treasures. To get a real appreciation for the city, you need someone who knows it inside and out and loves it for all its perfect imperfections. I am that very someone. My guided tour of Ghent is the ideal way to get to know the city. Even those not new to Ghent say that my guided tour helped them truly discover the city as they never knew it before. Read all...

The Ghent Altarpiece aka the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb is the finest art treasure and the greatest source of pride in the city. Three hours aren’t enough to tell you all about this masterpiece, and I wouldn’t try to do the impossible. Rather than a lecture, my Ghent Altarpiece tour is a story told in an urban setting about the altarpiece and the era it was created in. Read all...

Some claim that Ghent at night looks even more impressive than during the day. Together, we will take in the magical, ambient lights of nighttime Ghent that have earned international critical acclaim and endless praise from some of the best travel magazines out there. This walking tour is a feast for the eyes that focuses on the authentic Ghent and on how the Ghent Light Plan makes the city stand out in ways few could imagine. Read all...

Bruges Highlights Guided Tour

What attracts six million tourists annually to this tiny Flemish city? The answer to this and more in my guided tour of Bruges. I will show you the best of what’s to see in the city’s Golden Triangle and tell you the most relevant tales from the past and the present about the Venice of the North: how splendor and poverty succeeded each other in the city’s history; how Bruges became a tourist destination and culinary Mecca; and how it’s now dealing with its heritage and the millions of tourists it attracts every year. Read all...



In Ghent, my tours that last up to 3 hours cost 150 EUR (taxes included) for groups of up to 10 people. Additional time is charged at 50 EUR/hour. For larger groups, please send me a price request.

In Bruges, my tours that last up to 3 hours cost 180 EUR (taxes included) for groups of up to 10 people. Additional time is charged at 60 EUR/hour. For larger groups, please send me a price request.

The costs of public transport tickets, taxi fees, museum tickets, food, and drinks are not included.

You can pay in cash after the tour or in advance via bank transfer.

Invoices are available anytime upon request.


Travel consultancy (helping you with the program of your stay in Belgium) costs 50 EUR/hour (advance payment via PayPal).


Guide in Ghent and Bruges Anna

Fluent in English, Dutch and Russian


Licensed tour guide for Ghent and Bruges


Professional diploma of Tour guide in Ghent and Flanders

from the Provincial Center for Adult Education of East Flanders "Het Perspectief" (Ghent, Belgium)


Customer Reviews

Lolalola2, Toronto, Canada, May 2018

Bruges and ghent

Wonderful guide!!

Walking tours of Bruges and Ghent were full of art and history

Anna is such a delight, knowledgeable and very professional

We were inundated with art and history information

You can tell she loves and enjoys being a guide

I would highly recommend her

Thanks again Anna from Paul doreen and tony diane





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