Some claim that Ghent at night looks even more impressive than during the day. Together, we will take in the magical, ambient lights of nighttime Ghent that have earned international critical acclaim and endless praise from some of the best travel magazines out there. This walking tour is a feast for the eyes that focuses on the authentic Ghent and on how the Ghent Light Plan makes the city stand out in ways few could imagine. 

Once the sun goes down and the lights turn on, we’ll start our roughly two-hour tour at the Marriott Hotel on the Korenlei and stroll up and down the enchantingly lit downtown streets and squares. You will see Ghent’s main monuments in a new light and get the chance to photograph them from the perfect angle. The city council brought in some of the best light designers around to make nighttime Ghent shine like a diamond, so join me and we’ll discover all the magic that lay in store!

Meeting point Ghent Illuminated Guided Tour