Known as “Belgium’s best kept secret”, Ghent is not a city noted for showing off its treasures. To get a real appreciation for the city, you need someone who knows it inside and out and loves it for all its perfect imperfections. I am that very someone. My guided tour of Ghent is the ideal way to get to know the city. Even those not new to Ghent say that my guided tour helped them truly discover the city as they never knew it before.

Unlike wandering around with a Lonely Planet-like guidebook, I make your tour an interactive experience. I continuously tweak your tour to meet your preferences and interests depending on how well you know Ghent, how long you plan to be in the city, and what you want the tour to be: an intellectual workout with lots of historical details or a relaxing stroll along Ghent’s beautiful streets and squares.

The tour starts on Saint-Michael’s bridge in downtown Ghent and takes you through the city’s most important tourist attractions. Over the three hours we spend together, you will see all the sites worth seeing and hear stories from the past and the present, letting you truly appreciate Ghent from top to bottom. Beware: this tour will make you want to come back to Ghent again and again!

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